It just never gets easier, does it?

I always thought hitting a specific feature set and turning a specific monthly revenue number, would make everything easier.

“Whenever we get 500 customers we will be all set. Everything will be downhill smooth sailing from there.”

Well, it never really did. Some things, of course, took care of itself. The worry of how to pay the bills and be able to take care of my family and paying the mortgage stopped keeping me up at night. But nothing became easier.

Now we’re well beyond 1000 customers and our monthly revenue is funding a team of 10 (some part-time), an office and everything that comes with running a business. We’re even profitable.

It never got easier though. And I wonder why this comes as a surprise to me. I heard people like Jason Fried from say these things. But I didn’t want to listen. I quietly thought to my self that it was bullshit. Of course, things would be easier. Everything is easier than having no food on the table.

But now when I read this I must say that it resonates today:

The thing about business and work is that it never gets easier. A lot of founders think, “It’s going to get easier. We’re only three people now, but once I hire a hundred people, everything’s going to be easier.” Well, it only gets harder because you have to deal with people and personalities and politics. We’re human beings, and we’re complicated — the more of them around, the more complicated it gets, which is one of the reasons why we want to keep our company as small as we possibly can.

To me, it’s not just the people. We only have 10 of them you know. It’s more the product decisions that are getting harder as we grow and evolve the product.

The pressure that comes with the constant need to grow makes it harder to make decisions about the product and the positioning.

Published 26 Aug 2020

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